Our Process

Get Started

In order to retain our services, there is an initial agreement to sign and an engagement fee of $2,500. You will start by completing a questionnaire which allows us to perform a financial analysis.

Team Work

Then our S & V financial team members work together to understand the unique aspects of your situation. We develop solutions which address your concerns and allow you to reach your goals. We consider things like business ownership, kids approaching college, divorce, upcoming life changes, relocation, purchase of a 2nd home, etc. Once we establish a creative strategy, our tax advisor stamps his approval so we are certain that everything is in line with IRS regulations.


At this point, we present the solutions to you and explain the options and benefits.  The S & V Financial Consulting engagement process is designed so that you are in control at every step. You choose which
strategies to implement based on our recommendations.


Then, you can get the benefit of our partnerships with experts that work exclusively with select clients to set up financial structures such as self directed retirement accounts, asset protection entities, and perform credit repair.

Small Print

The retainer fee of $2,500 is payable with a credit or debit card prior to
the start of the engagement. You can also submit the signed engagement
letter via email to leah@svfinancialconsulting.com or via fax 404-935-5375.

Our objective is to be partners in helping you strengthen your financial
situation and to begin understanding your short- and long-term goals. No
detail is rushed through or passed over and our conversations are
confidential and industry-jargon free.